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"A collaborative relationship"


Parents' role in their children's education is essential.  We believe in having a strong and collaborative relationship with parents so that children are provided the full support they need.  To achieve such a goal, we made several channels for building and maintaining such a relationship.


  • Admissions & Orientation Day: Throughout the admissions process and in orientation day, the school will provide parents with information regarding the school operation, academics, extra-curricular activities, and more.  

  • Planner: Throughout the school year, teachers and parents are encouraged to utilize the planner for communicating questions and concerns.

  • Parent Teacher Conference: The parent teacher conference is an oppurtunity for parents to meet teachers and discuss their children's progress.

  • News: Check the news section of our website for news, announcements, and updates.

  • Learning Management System: The learning management system we employ is  system for facilitating communication and the exchange of curricular materials betweens teachers and students.

  • Facebook Page: Check out our facebook page for news and updates.

  • School Front Desk: You can always call the school 01003388140 or 01003388309 for addressing comments and concerns.




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