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Director's Message

Dear Parents, Students, and Colleagues, 


Welcome to the website of AlAlson Azhari Language Schools!


My name is Hoda Khalil.  I’m the school director.  As a parent, I share your concern of providing the best for our children and of making them prepared for thriving in today’s world.  There is no doubt that providing our children a good education is a major way through which we can support and thus empower our children.


What makes a good education?

A good education is one that empowers and develops students holistically. Empowering students with knowledge and intellectual skills is an important component of any education.  Yet, research and the advice of successful individuals in society show that while intellectual skills are important, they are not enough for enabling success in life.  A successful education is one that not only empowers us with knowledge and skills, but also one that nourishes our mindset, enriches our values, and activates our sense of purpose.  As a result, our mission is to develop students intellectually, morally, civically, socially, and physically.


How do we translate our mission?

Our mission guides us in all aspects regarding schooling.  It directs us when selecting, developing and implementing the curricular and extra-curricular program, when selecting and supporting staff members, and when providing school facilities.  This mission also guides our relationship with students, parents, and even society.


I hope this website provides you a window to learn more about the school.  If you haven’t done so already, we welcome you to visit AlAlson Azhari Language Schools and connect with our school community!


Best of Luck 

Hoda Khalil 

School Director 

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